Terms & Conditions:

1) In tendering this shipment, Shipper specifically agrees to the Terms and Conditions of this Contract. No agent or employee of the parties may bindingly after this contract and that this tender is NON-NEGOTIABLE and has been prepared by shipper or on shipper's behalf for J&P Hall Express. It is mutually agreed that the conditions of carriage for this shipment are governed by J&P Hall Express's Rules and Regulations available for inspection at J&P Hall Express's offices and which are hereby specifically incorporated into this contract by reference and attach hereto as if written hereon and become a part of this airbill contract.

2) Shipper warrants that this shipment is packaged adequately to protect the shipment and ensure safe transportation with ordinary care in handling.

3) J&P Hall Express shall not be liable in any event for any special incidental or consequential
damages, including but limited to loss of profits or loss of income, whether or not J&P Hall Express had prior knowledge that such damages might be incurred.

4) All claims for loss and damage must be received in writing by J&P Hall Express within 30 days after J&P Hall Express accepted the shipment. Concealed loss/damage must be reported IN WRITING via Registered/Certified U.S. Mail to the J&P Hall Express General Office within 14 days after delivery, or if perishables, verbally within 48 hours. No claims will be paid until transportation charges have been paid. Claims may not be deducted from transportation charges. Legal action to enforce a claim must be brought within 90 days after the claim has been denied by J&_ Hall Express, in whole or part. Claims for over charges must be made in writing to J&P Hall Express within 90 days after date of acceptance of
the shipment by J&P Hall Express.

5) J&P Hall Express shall not be liable for loss, damage, or delay caused by Acts of God, public authorities,strikes, labor disputes, weather, mechanical aircraft failures, acts of omissions of Customs or quarantine officials, acts of defaults of the owner or shipper, civil commotions, or the inherent nature of the product.

6) Notwithstanding the shipper's instructions to the contrary, shipper and consignee shall be jointly and severally liable for all costs and expenses related to the transportation of the shipment, including the inability or the designated payor to pay the charges due. In addition the shipper shall be liable for all costs in either returning the shipment to the shipper or warehousing the shipment pending disposition should the shipment be undeliverable.

7) Goods classified as Hazardous Materials are accepted subject to J&P Hall Express' ability to arrange carriage on a direct carrier.

8) Full liability is available at (higher) extra charges in accordance with the applicable schedules, and as specifically requested by the shipper on the face hereof.

9) Limit of liability-For shipments not having a declared value the value shall be $0.50 per pound multiplied by the number of pounds or fraction there, of the shipment which may be lost, damaged or destroyed, or $50.00 per shipment or the actual value of such pieces lost, damaged or destroyed whichever is less. For shipments having a declared value in the case of loss, damage or destruction of part of the shipment the average declared value per number of the shipment or the actual value of such pieces.

10) All shipments tendered J&P Hall Express may at the option of J&P Hall Express be opened and inspected; however, J&P Hall Express is not obligated to perform such inspection.

11) J&P Hall Express shall have a lien on this shipment for all sums due and payable to J&P Hall Express.

12) In the event of failure or inability of the Consignee to take delivery on this shipment, J&P Hall Express will notify Shipper in writing at the Shipper's address and request disposition instruction. If the shipper fails to provide disposition instructions by registered U.S. Mail, within 30 days after the date of J&P Hall Express' notice. J&P Hall Express may dispose of the shipment at public or private sale and pay itself out of the proceeds to satisfy the transportation charges owing on the shipment.

13) All charges are due and payable fifteen (15) days from date of shipment.

14) Any payment which is past due shall be subject to an additional charge at a rate of 1 1/2% per month of the outstanding balance due.

15) Shipper certifies that the particulars on the face hereof are correct and that insofar as any part of the consignment contains Dangerous Goods and/or Hazardous Materials, such part is property classified and described by name and is in proper condition for carriage according to the applicable Dangerous Goods Regs.

16) Unless otherwise specified, shipments which have a density of less than 194 cubic inches per pound will be assessed charges based upon a dimensional weight of one pound for each 194 cubic inches or fraction thereof.

17) In the event J&P Hall Express has to retain an attorney, or commence legal proceedings to enforce any portion of, or all of this contract, the Shipper and/or Consignee shall be liable for all cost and reasonable attorney fees.